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Waste Broker

Law no. 211/2011 introduces – for the first time in the Romanian legislation – the term of Broker defined as follows:
“Broker means any undertaking/economic operator arranging the recovery or disposal of waste on behalf of others, including such brokers who do not take physical possession of the waste”;
In accordance with the provisions of Art. 36 (1) of the same legal instrument, this activity is not subject to authorization by central or local environmental authorities, however, the National Environmental Protection Agency shall keep a record of all such brokers;
The registration procedure shall be conducted, in accordance with Art. 36 (4), within 120 days after publication of this law;
To date, there is no legal instrument regulating this activity at environmental authority level;
Until the situation is clarified, we can but analyze this activity in other Member States of the EU, mentioning that our country may not import waste until 1 January 1015, except for the waste imported for recovery purposes;
The Waste Law stipulates that this activity must keep a record of the waste management according to Government Decision no. 856/2002 and may be subject to the regular controls of the Environmental Guard.


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